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July 8, 2013



(We are reprinting the reply of the Central Office on the issue of the DPWH having  “NO FUNDS FOR FLOOD CONTROL IN PAMPANGA RIVER BASIN”)

which appeared in the June 19, 2013 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer as written by Ms. Tonette Orejas. – WEB admin.)



Central Luzon, including Pampanga area is part of the Flood Management Master Plan for Metro Manila and Surrounding Areas.

The Plan is a result of a flood risk assessment study for Metro Manila and surrounding basin areas undertaken in February 2011 to February 2012.

The government has allocated an initial amount of Php5 Billion to finance the High-Impact Flood Control Projects under the Plan, to include the following projects in Pampanga amounting to P849.5 Million, distributed as follows, namely:

a.    San Fernando-Sto. Tomas-Minalin Tail Dike (P139 Million),

b.   Mitigation measures for breaches in the San Fernando-Sto. Tomas-Minalin Tail Dike (P637M),

c.    Del Carmen-Balimbing Creek, CSF (P) – Php30M

d.  Operation and maintenance of the dredging equipment for Pasac-Delta waterway (P43.5M)

·         The procurement process shall be undertaken for San Fernando-Sto. Tomas-Minalin Tail dike which involves the widening of the Pilot Relief Channel from Gugu Creek to Labuan Channel including its confluence with San Francisco River.

·         On mitigation measures for breaches in the San Fernando-Sto. Tomas-Minalin tail dike, the project shall be implemented in two stages:

1.    Repair of transverse dike, repair/restoration of spillway no. 1 and no. 3 and restoration of Pasig-Potrero East dike;

2.    Diversion channel from spillway no. 3 to spillway no. 1 and construction of new 100-meter bridge across diversion channel and approach road.

Priority emergency works and the detailed engineering design for this project are now on-going.

·         The extension of the rehabilitation of Del Carmen-Balimbing Creek in the CSF has started in December 2012 with an accomplishment rate of 75% to date.

Dredgers will be mobilized after the procurement process for the fuel and lubricants shall have been completed.

World Bank is now in the process of procuring consultancy services for the preparation of master plan for flood management in Bulacan and Pampanga provinces, with special emphasis on the deltaic areas of Pampanga River Basin.

The Korea-Economic Development Cooperation (KEDF) is funding the “Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation (IDRR-CCA) measures in the low-lying areas of Pampanga with flood control component involving the:

·         excavation and dredging of Third River (23.30 km),

·         the Third River eastern branch (10 km),

·       flow improvement of Caduang River (11.30 km) and Sapang Maragul River (11.70 km, and

·         repair of 8 sluice gates.

 Loan agreement is scheduled to be signed on July 10, 2013.

Apart from the above, the DPWH is currently implementing a P5.259 Billion Mt. Pinatubo Hazard Urgent Mitigation Project Phase III projects aimed at protecting life and minimize damage to  properties from perennial flood, reducing flood level and flooding duration in the CSF, Lubao, Guagua, Sasmuan, Bacolor and other adjacent towns, improving the drainage efficiency of the river channel network in Pasac Delta including Porac-Gumain River, linking up with the Third River and non-structural measures.

The projects cited are in addition to the flood control and drainage structures being implemented by DPWH-Region III and its district engineering offices under the Regular Infra Program.